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Sixty-eight years of professional experience

Do you require professional furnace building, refractory installations, demolitions, or possibly combustion installations of gas and oil systems? You will be making a wise decision by using the services of Furnace Technology Services (PTY) LTD.

Olifantsfontein, Gauteng, South Africa

You will find that the knowledge and practical experience of the team will provide you with innovative solutions and assist you with optimizing plant costs and maintenance.

Knowledge and practical experience

Innovative solutions

You will find that the knowledge and practical experience of the team will provide you with innovative solutions and assist you with optimizing plant costs and maintenance.

  • As a customer of our business, you will become accustomed to personalized service and educated advice on refractory and combustion installation & maintenance.

  • This outlines what you can expect from Furnace Technology Services (PTY) LTD.

    • Furnace refurbishment
    • Furnace building
    • Furnace demolition
    • Burner systems (gas and oil)
    • Turnkey project consulting
    • Compliance assessments
    • Heat-ups
    • Supply of Refractory Material

Quality and compliant products are provided according to customers’ needs

Industries, Vision and Mission

listed industries

Should you be a part of any of these listed industries (mining, glass, cement, oil and gas, food, building and construction, or power), you will find that Furnace Technology Services (PTY) LTD can benefit you as your trusted supplier.

Furnace Technology Services (PTY) LTD prides itself on providing premium services to the following customers who can vouch for the service that they receive:

  • Bright Alloys
  • Vesuvius
  • Mineral Zone
  • SA Steel Mills
  • Ironveld Smelting
  • Veer Aluminium
Our Vision

As a dynamic company providing quality service with an excellent work ethic, honesty, and integrity, our vision is to establish an international footprint.

We offer experience, supervision, highly skilled staff, and quality equipment to deliver turnkey service.

We always endeavor to be TOP OF MIND for our customers and continue to grow through word of mouth and excellent referrals, as we have been.

Our Mission

Furnace Technology Services has modern, advanced, and purpose-designed mechanical demolition equipment capable of meeting the challenges posed by large, demanding furnace demolition projects.

As the latest technology and methodologies are used, this substantially reduces the workforce and project duration and improves the safety profile of projects.

A solid foundation

Our Values

We have created a foundation upon which we are continuing to build absolute values that our customers use to describe us

  • Quality Service
    We measure quality by satisfaction of our customers.

  • Innovation
    Introducing creative methods or ideas to keep moving forward.

  • Flexibility
    We have the ability to change or compromise to new requirements.

  • Integrity
    Truth, honesty, equitable, ethical and professional. We live by these qualities.

  • Accountability
    Meeting target dates according to the expectations of our customers.

high work ethic and supreme service

Meet Our Director and Team

providing premium services

Stefan du Toit, our director, has thirteen years of experience in the Smelting Industry and seven years in the Engineering Industry. He has ensured that the company is accredited with high safety standards.

Stefan is driven and commands a high work ethic and supreme service to all customers. Repeat business and referrals in a profusion of industries have ensured that Furnace Technology Services has established its footprint and continues to grow.

Our team believes in delivering quality, thorough and precise consultations and services based on knowledge and excellence. The sixty-eight years of experience have collectively brought many innovative ideas and methods that have been tried and tested repeatedly.

Highly Skilled Staff

As a team, our customers have come to know us as being highly skilled in areas that require:

  • Turnkey demolition of furnaces
  • Demolition and removal of refractories
  • Demolition in confined spaces
  • Technology and expertise for effective demolition of hot and cold materials
  • Mechanical demolition and dismantling of equipment and structures
  • Fast–track shutdowns under 24/7 conditions
  • Site clean-ups and rehabilitation

committed to public safety and interest

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Furnace Technology Services’ commitment is to place public safety and interest ahead of all considerations.

We consider and show due regard for the consequences of our conduct and its impact on the well-being of others, our team, and our customers, as well as the impact of our work on society.

Going Green
  • Furnace Technology Services is particularly mindful of its method employed in site clean-ups and rehabilitation.

    With the copious experience of working across multiple industries, we are exceptionally particular about releasing noxious gases and take every precaution to minimize the carbon footprint.

an essential part of our company

Our Safety Policy

This is an essential part of our company, and our safety policy reinforces all our decisions we make and actions we take throughout our business.

At Furnace Technology Services, we are committed to the following:

  • The health and safety of all our employees is a priority to us.
  • Our goal of zero harm, which is achieved by our company by operating according to international best practices.
  • We strive to achieve the highest practical levels of Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Control.
  • We promise our employees, customers and contractors, throughout our facilities, worksites and offices, to achieve the highest safety standard every day of operation.