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Optimizing engineering with precision

Optimizing engineering with precision

Professional furnace building, refractory installations, demolitions and combustion installations of gas and oil systems.

  • Design and manufacturing of furnaces, refractory demolition, refractory installations, refractory fragmentation, pre-cast refractory shapes, etc.

  • Burner equipment maintenance, testing and Inspection, consulting and training on all types of, fuel-fired equipment, burner equipment sale and installation, etc.

  • Refractory anchors, refractory monolithic and bricks, ceramic fibre modules, monolithic refractory linings, pre-cast shapes, industrial coatings and linings, etc.

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Furnace Technology Services (PTY) LTD.

  • Professional furnace building

  • Refractory installations

  • Demolitions

  • Combustion installations of gas and oil systems

Furnace Technology Services (PTY) LTD.

Olifantsfontein, Gauteng, South Africa

Sixty-eight years of professional experience

You will find us situated in Olifantsfontein, Gauteng, South Africa. Although the business was founded recently by Stefan du Toit on 7th February 2022, all key players collectively contribute sixty-eight years of professional experience, which is an excellent asset to you as our customer.

What to expect

This outlines what you can expect from Furnace Technology Services (PTY) LTD.

Furnace Refurbishment
Furnace Building
Furnace Demolition
Burner Systems (Gas and Oil)
Turnkey Project Consulting
Compliance Assessments
Supply of Refractory Material
Combustion Services

How Furnace Technology Services Can Benefit You?

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Having the knowledge that you, as our customer, will benefit from our sixty -eight years of experience is reassuring. Becoming accustomed to the value you will receive as our customer and the trusting relationships that we build with you instills confidence in our valued client -base.

  • One of the many factors that make the company successful is that over a mere matter of months, we have built a solid client base as listed above. These customers can vouch for our benefits to their businesses, service delivery, flexibility, and understanding of customer needs.

  • Your experience choosing Furnace Technology Services will be represented by the benefits you will receive from our skilled, experienced, and trusted staff, defining success and good standing in the community.

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Skill and dedication

You will experience and witness skill and dedication and a supreme work ethic when choosing Furnace Technology Services to do your job.

As our customers, you will be impressed by our innovative approach to each project. Irrespective of the size of the project, the achievement of successful completion is something that will exceed your expectation when employing our services.